Elance Review

elance review 300x249 Elance Review

Elance Review

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First and foremost, I’d like to preface this review of Elance by saying that I’ve wasted a lot of money outsourcing technology projects over the years. I know how troubling it can be to trust someone thousands of miles a way to get the job done for you – and to have them bail on you…

So what I wanted to do is write a quick Elance Review article to fill you in on how to outsource some of your projects with confidence that they’ll get done! I’ve had the most luck outsourcing with Elance for building websites, linkbuilding and content writing.

Elance Review – What To Expect

Elance is a very easy way to find outsource workers and to post jobs where you are looking for. They make sure that they vet all of their outsourcers with tasks and resumes before they put them into the general worker pool.  The system is very easy to use and implement in your own day to day operations. They get very good feedback support and ratings on everybody who is taking a job. Not to mention, the workers that they have there are often times the best of the best.

Basically, how it works is you post a job or a task.  You decide how much you’re willing to pay for that task to be completed (actually you pick a range) and then workers come in and bid on it.  Some bids are going to be extremely low.  Some will be super high.  It’s your jobs to follow up with the workers, check out their portfolio and ultimately pick on to do the job.  Once the jobs is completed, you sign off and they receive their money!

Oftentimes, when I find someone I like, I’ll request that they work for me again.  Sometimes, I’ll even hire them outside of the Elance system if they do good enough work and I feel I can trust them…  But that’s Elance in a nutshell.

Overall, Elance is very easy to use and you can expect a very high quality of work to be done.

Elance Review – Advantages

Using Elance, you can reasonably expect to hire someone from a different country (or the US even) to fulfill some of your task requirements for far less than you’d pay if you hired someone straight out.  Like I said, web based projects like writing, research, web design and graphic work lend itself to this sort of thing.

The system is very easy to use and pretty intuitive, so no worries there.  It’s a very efficient way of outsourcing some of your work!

Elance Review – Disadvantages

There is a definite learning curve to outsourcing, and you have to be aware of it – even when you’re using a third party service like Elance.  Most likely, your workers will be in a different time zone, with a different Internet connection (something that may or may not be as stable as yours…).  Also, I’ve dealt with quite a few workers who lived in hurricane or forest fire conditions so you have to take those sorts of catastrophes into question.

But I’ve found that people you find on Elance will work very hard to get your project done.  They know that if they do a good job, you’ll hire them again.  And most likely, the pay is far better than if they worked in their country doing some sort of manual labor!

Elance Review – Conclusion

If you have ever thought about outsourcing, make sure you start by posting a job on Elance.  The work is usually pretty high quality and you can get it done for quite a bit less than you could otherwise!

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elance review 300x249 Elance Review

Elance Review

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